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Menu of Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health

Massage & Body Work Services Offered:

Swedish Massage: Smooth flowing strokes and kneading using light, med., or heavy pressure, addressing all major muscle groups and areas of tension. A wonderful way to relax and de-stress.   

Deep Tissue: Deeper pressure to larger muscle groups. Combined with some flowing and kneading strokes to relieve stress and tension. (Add to any massage for $5.00)

Chair Massage: Fully clothed and ideal for quick de-stress and relaxation. Focuses on back, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms, and hands.

Headaches or TMJ: Focused light massage on the face and scalp, easing pressure and tension

Reflexology: Massage of feet, ankles, and calves. Focuses on pressure points to re-energize the whole body through your feet.

Prenatal Massage: A gentle kneading massage - Comforting both physically and emotionally. Reduce expectant mothers’ common aches and annoyances, like swollen ankles and lower back pain. To protect mother and baby, pregnancy massage is not advised during the first trimester, but can provide welcome relief later on, especially during the last few months of pregnancy.

Shiatsu/Pressure Point Therapy: Medium to heavy finger and palm pressure and stretching. Pressing of the body to allow self healing and energy balance. Can help to relax and de-stress. Can be fully clothed.

Head, Neck, and Shoulders: Ease tension. Focus on these high stress areas.

Hands and Feet: Pamper yourself with this relaxing, well needed massage.

Aromatherapy: Combine your treatment with the scent of your choice using pure essential oils that will soothe emotions and clear the mind. (Add to any service for $5.00)

Spa Services:

Hot Stone Massage: Similar to a Swedish massage, but hot stones are used to enhance the experience, bringing a warm enjoyment and deeper level of relaxation to the massage. (Add $10.00 to the normal Swedish massage price for this service)

Salt Scrub: Exfoliate with a lightly scented salt scrub, followed by warm moist towels and a full body massage with moisturizer or oil. (Add $15.00 per hr)

Sugar Scrub: Exfoliate with a sweeter sugar scrub, followed by warm moist towels and a full body massage with moisturizer or oil. (Add $15.00 per hr)

Mud or Seaweed Wrap: Experience exotic mud or seaweed covering your back, arms and legs and wrapped up to simmer while enjoying soothing music. Followed by warm moist towels and a light moisturizer. (Add $15.00 per hr)

Paraffin treatment: Dip your hands in hot wax or have paraffin added to other body areas, leaving them silky smooth. (Paraffin treatments - $10.00 per body area)

Massage Facial Treatment: Similar to other facials, but toner is used to clean the face as well as application of a special mask treatment, leaving the face smooth and silky. This treatment is followed by a warm towel on the face and a moisturizing massage. Another part of your body (your choice) is massaged while the mask is on your face. Check when making your appointment for what mask options are available for you.

Mix and Match your own session!

All services are priced as follows:

15 minutes:  $15.00

30 Minutes:$30.00

60 minutes:  $60.00

90 minutes: $90.00

(I always have discounts available. Just ask what discounts are available or go to my "YOUR BODY YOUR LIFE" Facebook business page and see what's available today!

Gift Certificates are also available in any denomination


Wellness, Health, & Fitness Services:

As a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), I can help you with your fitness needs. I will help you with a long term health & wellness plan. Increase your strength & mobility, be healthier, eat better, understand your body. I will explain your current health and fitness condition to you after a short assessment. I will proceed to give you advice on how to stay stay healthy, eat better, exercise, and hopefully feel better starting today!  I can also help you plan your own fitness program. 

Fitness Assessments may include any of the following: Body Fat %, Sub-Max Cardiovascular VO2 Testing, Circumference Measurements, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Endurance Tests, Fitness Planning, Basic Nutrition advice, Healthy Living advice

Wellness Assessment: Similar to a fitness assessment, but I ask more questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, activities, work life, etc. I will offer you various options to improve your heath and mobility to enjoy a healthier future, minimizing physical and health problems.

Get personalized attention!  Schedule a consultation/assessment today.

First consultation/assessment: $30 (Can last form 30 minutes-1 hour)

One Hour Training session: $35